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Better Business Bureau


The Better Business Bureau, more commonly referred to as the BBB, has been around for over 100 years. They have made it easier for a number of homeowners to find trustworthy and reliable businesses who they can count on for a variety of services. The BBB is committed to developing quality relationships between customers and businesses, improving the marketplace as a whole. They are an ethical program making it much simpler for individuals to get the services they need when they need them most, and for a great value. The BBB has over 112 independent organizations around North America which serve customers better in a localized region, such as in the Metro Atlanta, Athens, and NE Georgia area. The BBB "rates" businesses on a scale of A-F. A business' grade could be lowered if the company doesn't provide sufficient information, or if they refuse to reply to customer complaints.


Acorn Tree Care has been an accredited BBB business since 03/11/2011. The organization has determined that Acorn Tree Care has the recognized qualities that set BBB-accredited businesses apart from others in the industry. Acorn Tree Care provides a variety of services, including: tree removal, tree pruning, tree cabling, and more. They have an extensive knowledge when it comes to caring for and growing trees that are local to Georgia, and ones that are brought in from other areas. They have the skills, knowledge, materials, and experience needed to make sure that their clients have healthy trees on their properties. Acorn Tree Care has certified arborists on staff who have been working in the business since 1975. From planting a tree to properly caring for one, they are the professionals to go to for all things tree-related in Georgia.

Average rating for Acorn Tree Care is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 223 reviews